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You want your business to grow but your architecture isn’t designed to properly grow with your ideas? 

You need to restructure your teams to meet the needed set of professionals to reach your goals?

 You want to optimize your development cycles and become real agile, not only within the development and product department?

 Whether it is one or all of these themes, I bring my complete experience to reach your targets. As a mentor, as an advisor, as an external analyst or an interims CEO. 


With your goal in mind I analyse the current set-up and our team possibilities. Within an audit you get a complete overview of your next steps and a timetable to reach next milestones.

Business Consulting

With more than 25 years experience within all kind of company structures I am your counterpart to challenge your new business, within a start-up environment, an owner managed company or a global company-group.

IT Consulting

As a external consultant I look deeply into your architecture, prepare an up-to-date market overview, while challenging your team and coach them when needed.

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